Who we are - Our people

    They know
    what works...

Between them, our people (our Principals and Associates) have accumulated more than three centuries' experience of managing change. They have worked in all five inhabited continents: in public, private, governmental, NGO and charitable contexts. They have been involved in the definition and development of many of the systems we now take for granted. They have been responsible for the rescue of many failing programmes. They have solved many difficult problems. They know what works.

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...if it is possible,
   they will do it!

Although successful, our people are modest. Their common strengths include honesty, integrity, commitment and charisma. They can be recognised by their wish and will to achieve. If it is even remotely possible, they will do it! Take a look at their formidable records, meet them face-to-face - and judge for yourself.

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(Here is man who knew what would work: Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a brilliant British engineer who had great vision, courage, and determination. To complete his projects, he overcame enormous technical and political difficulties. His work led to major changes in what was thought to be possible. His projects in Great Britain pioneered several new techniques. They included the Rotherhithe tunnel, the Clifton suspension bridge, several ships and the Great Western Railway. Many of his simple and elegant designs are still in use today.)