Who we are - Dirk Huyers

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Dirk is a well-established Project Manager and Consultant, with an extensive background in IT Services. He graduated in Industrial Chemistry from PHTI Antwerp, following earlier studies in biomedical sciences and electro-mechanics. He is a member of AIChE, PMI, VOKA and Agoria.

He has worked for more than 20 years in industry and IT, in Technical, Project, and Consultancy roles. More recently he became owner and CEO of his family's company, which specialises in project management, consultancy, and training, in the chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, and industrial engineering markets.

With his wide business, project, and technical experience, Dirk is able to turn ideas into effective action. He has completed successfully an extensive portfolio of assignments. This gives him the practical common sense needed to deliver solutions to industrial and corporate needs. Dirk and his company have an excellent reputation, which is well-merited by the success of the work they do for their customers.

His work has equipped him with cultural sensitivity, good client- and man-management skills, a thorough grasp of complex technical and business issues, and revealed his gift for "getting things organised". Dirk has a remarkable ability to explain complex matters in simple terms, which is central to his success in the training courses he delivers. In addition to his native Flemish, he speaks fluent English and French, and business German.

Dirk has worked in both Belgian and international contexts. He has worked in several application areas including: food processing, fire protection, health and beauty care and pharmaceuticals, with a particular emphasis on project management and logistics. As CEO of his own company, he is still actively involved in the projects it undertakes.

Following his graduation, Dirk worked for Ecolab (3 years). Since 1990 he has worked for Project Management Services (PMS) nv (17 years), a company founded by his father. In 2001 he was appointed a Director of PMS nv, and in 2003 he became owner and CEO. Dirk is an Associate of Adsensus International.