Who we are - Our Partners

...a wide range
   of skills and

Change is a journey into new territory, and on each journey there will be particular challenges to meet. Assembling a well-prepared team is crucial, and our preparation draws on a wide range of skills and experience, from our own people, and from the wider network of our partners.

...to extend
   our team...

It is to our partners that we turn first when we are seeking to extend our team for a client project. Our relationship is informal and personal, and is based on a history of successful collaboration. The majority of our Associates come from our partners, some of our partners were initially our clients, and indeed they may now be both.

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...united by the
   things we have
   in common...

We may be separate organisations, but we are united by the things we have in common: a commitment to deliver, openness to the ideas of others, an attraction to simplicity and balance, the freedom to share, and above all a strong sense of fair play. We aim to give the members of our teams clear authority for the work they do, for only then can they be properly responsible for the outcome.

...clear and direct
   contact with
   our company.

The trust between our partners gives our network a high level of operational flexibility. For example an Associate from one of our partners, when assigned to manage one of our projects, will have exactly the same authority for both the project and the personnel as one of our own Principals. So our clients always have clear and direct contact with our company.

...this opens
   the door
   to success...

Our common approach is the product of our shared experience. Each partner's specialist expertise is merged with the in-depth grasp of techology and good practice shared by all successful organisations. Applied with imagination, this opens the door to success for our clients.