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What is it?top

The Guidepost is a library of process handbooks. Each Volume covers a particular set of business processes, and includes descriptions of the Processes, descriptions of the Products used when following the processes, and Templates for these products. You can add your own Templates to a Volume, to reflect your own detailed working practices.

Every Volume is available in a standard form, and in tailored or bespoke Versions. It may be hosted on our website, installed on your own intranet, or delivered as a self-booting CD. All Volumes have been tested using Internet Explorer 7+TM, Opera 9+TM, Firefox 2+TM, and Safari 5®.

What is available?top

Online Volumes

Each of these is presented as a self-contained website. The following Volumes are available:

  • Bids & Projects Standard, which provides an integrated set of processes representing accepted good practice for Bid Management, Project Management, and Project Status Reporting. It has been developed with the rules of PRINCE2TM in mind, and to support close integration between Bid and Project Management. This Volume is available for a small licence fee (for more information see The Guidepost home page.).
  • Bids & Projects Express is ideal if you want to "put a toe in the water". Functionally it is the same as the Standard Version, but it has a smaller and simpler set of Templates. We make no charge for this Version - yes it is free, so logon to request a copy, and subject to certain (limited) conditions, you may use it to manage your own Bids and Projects! Please do ask for a copy, check it out, and then we will be delighted if you contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Bespoke developmenttop

Our Guidepost Toolkit makes bespoke development surprisingly easy. Once we have agreed your Process decomposition, the Toolkit enables you (if you choose) to develop your own Processes, describe your own Products, and use your own Templates. When these are ready, we will then convert them automatically into web pages. In this way you keep control, you save money, and you reduce the sense of external suppliers imposing alien ways of working upon your staff.

To do this, you need only have access to the market-leading office suite. There is nothing else you need to acquire, and the way to use our locked Page Templates is all you have to learn.

More informationtop

For more information, the home page for The Guidepost is here.

NOTE: The inconsistencies between web browsers and the relevant web standards do not allow us to claim that our testing is exhaustive. However our approach to automated building of the web pages, and our use of the four browsers mentioned above to test what we have produced, leads us to believe that The Guidepost will function as intended.

Please note that we test all our web pages for conformity with XHTML 1.0 Strict, and our stylesheets have been similarly checked for conformity with the CSS2 specification. Finally we have tried to make the site accessible to all. At present this applies only to our approach to the page design. In due course we will be including formal tests to validate The Guidepost's accessibility.