What we do - Our Technology

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...to save you
   both money
   and time...

In most organisations there is little to spare for developing completely tailor-made systems and processes. That is why - to save you both money and time - we are committed to re-using whatever we can. Successful change depends on the assent of those affected which is why our technology is designed to permit the direct involvement of your people.

...we engage
    with you...

This is not just a matter of technology and economics. Our relationship with you and your staff is crucial. So we engage directly with you to help you to prepare for the journey. We apply our techniques so that everyone has a clear picture both of where you are, and where you wish to be. The tools we have developed give us the flexibility with you to prepare for the journey, while the library of Volumes and Versions of our product The Guidepost are a key source of information and reference, making the journey easier, and helping to reduce its cost.

(This clock shows the passage of time, but it has no markings. Even so we can tell with reasonable accuracy what the time is, and how much time has passed since last we looked at the clock. However, it is much more difficult to measure how productive that time has been.)