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This page lists summaries of projects that our principals, our associates and our partners have undertaken. Each summary is placed under the service heading that it most closely matches. In due course this pool of information will be extended to link to a more detailed case study for each project that is listed here.



Finance - Trade Clearing and Settlement

Definition of the Procurement Processes for a major system replacement (£100M).

IT Services and Products/Financial

Advising on how to improve the relationship between buyer and seller, in a software product supply contract for the national stock exchange in a European financial market.

IT Services and Products

Definition of the delivery process for a service based on a software tuning product.

Professional Services - Law

Revision of the processes for the definition and agreement of User Requirements for Information Systems.


Investigation and Advice on the organisation of CRM Projects.

Public Utilities

Advising on the management of a large (£20M) outsourced Business Re-engineering contract.

IT Services - Financial

Management of a bid to supply a multilateral trade netting system.

Manufacturing - Agricultural Machinery

Advice and Interim Management on the recovery and relaunch of an international Business Re-engineering project.

Manufacturing - Electronics

Advice on the management and resolution of production engineering and supplier quality problems.

IT Products and Services

Definition, agreement and promotion of improved global commercial processes.

IT Services

Definition and supervision of a programme for the collection of project and quality metrics.

Business to Business Services

Management of a Bid for a secure internet-based email network.

Professional Services - Management Consulting

Advising on the development of new Strategic and Business Plans.

IT Products and Services

Definition of new processes for bid management, project management and project status reporting.



Design, development, and delivery, of a system to manage an urban rail network.

Finance - Retail Banking

Management of a project defining the requirements and functions of a Core Relationship Banking application.

Finance - Wholesale Banking

Management of a project to develop and deliver a high-speed message switch for a corporate banking application.


Management of a project to develop a high-integrity rail asset management system.

IT Products and Services

Management of a project to develop a web-based process handbook for bid and project managers.


Central Government

Planning and execution of project to upgrade, accept, and roll out, a system for collection of state taxes.


Manufacuring - Electronics

Interim Management of the commercial recovery and repositioning of a special engineering unit.

Manufacturing - Office Equipment

Interim Management of OEM Sales during the closure of an office equipment manufacturer.

Consulting Services

Interim Management of Commercial Operations


Electronic Products and IT Services

Operation of a global mentoring programme for Project and Programme Managers


Electronic Products and IT Services

Development and delivery of international courses in bid, project, and programme management.